Africa History and Culture – 10 Great African Empires

This page lists 10 of Africa’s great empires. Most of these are Empires that are not well known beyond the continent of Africa. Learn more about ancient African Empires here – African History

This article on BBC discusses the fact that Africa has a rich and complex history but there is widespread ignorance of this heritage. Read on to learn more about Africa’s history

Studies of Black History

The oldest known skeletal remains of anatomically modern humans (or homo sapiens sapiens) were excavated at sites in East Africa. Human remains were discovered at Omo in Ethiopia that were dated at 195,000 years old, the oldest known in the world…

Duckster – African History

This page on Duckster provides information about African history and also a number of important ancient African Empires.

History World

Read about the history of Africa, from pre-historic times through the 19th century on History World’s Website – Africa

Histories of early African civilizations often focus solely on ancient Egypt, but the continent was home to several other powerful empires that controlled trade routes, built sprawling cities and crafted architectural monuments that still stand today. From ancient Sudan to medieval Zimbabwe, get the facts on seven African kingdoms that made their mark on history

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African history is a massive and intricate subject, world-s¬haking events have shaped the continent’s history, from the early men and women who left their footsteps in volcanic ash to the liberation of Nelson Mandela, and a whole lot of wars, conquests, civilizations and revolutions in between. Learn more about African history here

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What the author of the article has gathered here isn’t even an exhaustive list of important African empires. These are just some of the five best-known and most recognizable kingdoms from pre-modern Africa.


Our has an outline of historical events that could have affected the development of Africa. You can read more here…