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Clients in Angola find a huge variety of high-quality products since home furniture, office furniture and Children’s furniture, kitchens, decoration pieces, among another great variety of articles that complete our homes.If you need furniture for your new house or apartment, you can visit JAV Angola to find some unique pieces of furniture.


Backed by the Government of Angola, the Fundo Activo de Capital de Risco Angolano (FACRA) is a Venture Capital firm in Africa that offers long-term financial investments to enable Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises and entrepreneurs in Angola to realize their business development potential. Visit Forbes to learn more.


Angola is the third biggest market in Sub-Saharan Africa, and one of its fastest growing economies. Situated on the south-western coast of the continent, it is estimated that Angola will overtake Nigeria by 2020 to be sub-Saharan Africa’s leading oil producer with production figures currently close to two million barrels per day. Explore Angola’s potential here


Angola is very familiar with foreign investment. Oil companies have long poured cash into Africa’s 3rd largest oil producer. The wells continue to spill returns and results. But anyone considering investing in Angola should not think that opportunities begin and ends with oil and gas. Here’s a look at some top sectors to broaden your view on investment opportunities in Angola.


Angola is struggling with the rebalancing of the global oil market. Oil represents about 1/3 of its GDP and over 95% of its exports, and the sharp and prolonged decline in its price since mid-2014 has had a significant impact on Angola’s economy. Read this World Bank overview on Angola’s economy.