World Nomads – Benin

World Nomads – Benin provides a guide to laws and also means of transportation that can help you get around the country safely. Visit them and learn more.

Turkish Airlines

Travel and explore Benin with Turkish airlines, accommodation services, safety and many others.

Satguru Travel

Their website indicates that putting customer services is their priority, they have reliable and consistent operations, and are committed to highest standards of performance.

iContainers – Benin

If you are a business or individual looking to ship a container load of your items to Benin, this site provides you with information and also prices


Blastours provides information on the various festivals in Benin such as Zangbeto Ceremony, La Fete de l’Awile, La Fete de l’lgname, Fete du Vaudou a Ouidah among others. – Benin provides a list of tourism companies that provide tours to Benin. Visit their Benin page

Kensington Tours

This is a global tour operator that provides tours to multiple countries including Benin. Visit their Benin page to see what they have to offer

Inteprid Travel

The company provides tours to different parts of the country. With its glittering palaces, floating villages and python-filled temples, this is a country that has always moved to its own beat. Visit the site to learn more about how you can explore Benin

Benin Voyage

Benin Voyage provides customized Safari packages in northern Benin, sightseeing tours with guide from Cotonou in southern Benin and custom tours on the Lake Nokoue.

Africa Tour Operators

Africa Tour Operators provides information about tours to multiple African countries. This page provides guidelines on tours in Benin. You can learn more by visiting their site

The Crazy Tourist

The national beauty of Benin also has a lot to tempt tourists. From the paradise Atlantic beaches fringed with palm trees to the national parks teeming with exotic beasts such as lions, cheetahs and elephants as well as rare bird species. This page lists 15 of the best places in Benin to visit. You can learn more here

The Ouidah Museum of History

The Ouidah Museum of History contains a wealth of objects and illustrations of historic and cultural significance, which together gives the visitor an intimate understanding of the region’s past.

Nigerian Bulletin – Benin

The Nigerian Bulletin suggests 10 places in Benin that you should visit if you ever travel to Benin. You can see descriptions of those places here