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Onat Services

Onat provides you with multiple tour services including access to transportation. Visit their site to learn more – Algeria

If you have just settled in Algeria, you will certainly have to move around, whether to go to work, shopping, visit the surroundings, etc. This should not be complicated as the country hosts a wide transport network. In fact, you can choose from coaches, buses, taxis, trains, subway, etc., among others. You can even rent a car if you have a valid driver’s license.

Air France

Algeria has a special relationship with France and Air France flies frequently to Algeria. Travel from and to most countries outside Algeria using Air France

Air Algerie

Air Algiere is an Algerian airline that you can use to fly around the country. Visit their website to learn more about the airline

Notre Dame Basilica

Notre Dame Basillica is one of the largest and most beautiful churches in Africa. Visit their website and find exciting and historic facts about the church.

National Museum of Fine Arts

The museum of fine arts has different types of art and sculpture that are available for viewing. Visit their website to learn more


The Mama is a museum which aims at spreading the knowledge of modern art and contemporary art. If you are interested in modern art, visit their website to learn more

Jardin Botanique du Hamma

Located in the west, the Jardin Botanique du Hamma garden provides an awesome view for visitors. You can learn more here

Algeria is a land of great biodiversity. A massive country with a wide variety of landscapes and ecological zones, Algeria has a rich natural heritage. In fact, Algeria is home to some rare species such as the Monk Seal, Barbary red deer, Kabylie Nuthatch and Audouin’s Gull. Learn more about how to explore Algeria parks by visiting this site.

Sahara Marathon

The Sahara Marathon is an international sport event to demonstrate solidarity with the Saharawi people. Its first edition is in 2001. It’s organized by the Secretary of State for Sport, Government of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic with the help of volunteers from all over the world.


Algeria holidays, festivals and fairs that celebrate history, culture, music, food, and crafts are held throughout the year. Additionally, high profile sporting events are also hosted on the sands of the Sahara desert. Learn more about the different festivals and events held in Algeria.

Afro Tourism – Ghardaia National Carpet Festival

Afro Tourism brings news and updates of Algeria’s Ghardaia National Carpet Festival to your doorstep. Learn more about this festival.